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Low-cost DC-DC modules enable smaller designs via heatsink-less operation

Straight from our community, ipXchange presents a low-cost, space-saving solution with CAPUF Embedded’s DC-DC LDO family of DC-DC modules. These low-cost micro boards are pin-to-pin compatible with existing linear regulators – the LM7805, for example – but operate with significantly reduced heat output, thereby eliminating the need for additional heatsinks in your design.

CAPUF Embedded’s solution not only reduces B-O-M and cost, it also allows designers to create smaller new products or lighter existing products in applications such as:

  • Power supplies
  • Battery chargers
  • Solar power supplies
  • Microcontroller-related applications
  • Motor drivers

CAPUF Embedded’s DC-DC LDO modules come in a standard TO-220 form factor – 16 x 13 mm – for easy integration, so there should be no PCB alteration required when using them as a replacement for compatible linear regulators in existing designs. The first units to be released convert up to 15 V input to 3.3 V or 5.5 V output with >91% peak efficiency, and these products can operate with a continuous current of 1.8 A and 1.2 A respectively. Modules with higher input voltage range are currently in development.

Due to their design as a slot-in replacement for existing linear regulators, CAPUF Embedded’s DC-DC LDO modules are evaluated using samples that you can try as a direct replacement for a hot component in your design.

The extremely low cost of these modules compared to competitor alternatives may make free samples economically unviable, but CAPUF Embedded are keen to show that their latest products can compete with the big names in power conversion. If you’ve got a commercial project in mind, use the form in the link below to get in touch.

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CAPUF Embedded DC-DC LDO Sample

Looking to save some board space with an easy drop-in replacement for a hot LDO?

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