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Need accurate CO2 sensing at low power and/or high speed? GSS has you covered

In another interview from Sensor+Test, ipXchange chats with Graeme from GSS, A.K.A. Gas Sensing Solutions, who had a couple of live sensing demos on their stand. We couldn’t resist a look and were rather impressed at what we found… 

The first was GSS’ CozIR-Blink sensor which is a great CO2 sensing solution for battery-powered IoT applications thanks to its low power consumption of 26 mW per reading and near-zero-power operation when the device lays dormant; it only wakes up to take readings, based on how you configure the sensor. As Graeme explains, the other members of the CozIR family serve many other applications including industrial safety, life sciences, agriculture/horticulture, and other areas that require periodic CO2 sensing for deployments lasting up to 10 years. 

But what if you need high-speed measurement for a medical, sports science, or food packaging application? Well, that’s where SprintIR-R comes in. This device still features relatively low power consumption but operates at up to 50 measurements per second for monitoring rapid changes in CO2 concentration. 

Both of these sensors have associated evaluation boards that are readily available, and with a lead time of 12-16 weeks, depending on volumes, GSS’ devices are still well within that window for shorter design cycles, so we look forward to writing about more of their products soon. 

Learn more about GSS’ CozIR-Blink and SprintIR-R here, where you can also apply to test this technology for use in a commercial project.

GSS CozIR-Blink Ultra-Low-Power NDIR CO2 Sensor And Evaluation Board

For battery-powered IoT applications, apply to evaluate the GSS’ CozIR-Blink sensor in your commercial design by clicking the link below, for medical, sports science, or food packaging application follow the link to the GSS boards page here.

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