GSS CozIR-Blink Ultra-Low-Power NDIR CO2 Sensor And Evaluation Board

GSS’ (Gas Sensing Solutions’) CozIR-Blink is an ultra-low-power CO2 sensor that uses state-of-the-art solid-state LED technology. This innovation dramatically reduces the power consumption of the sensor during measurements for 26 mW power consumption per reading. CozIR-Blink also features power cycling and wake functionality so that a designer can have the sensor wake from a dormant mode, take a reading, and power down again for minimised power consumption.

The ultra-low power consumption of CozIR-Blink allows this device to be used for accurate CO2 measurement in battery-powered and wireless applications for air quality monitoring, HVAC, industrial safety, smart home/building, demand-controlled ventilation systems, smart agriculture, and other areas that require CO2 monitoring at regular or infrequent intervals. To support these applications, this device is California Building Standards Code, Title 24 compliant and has an operating temperature from 0-50°C.

CozIR-Blink performs sampling using a diffusion method with 30 ppm typical measurement accuracy for a range of up to 1% CO2 concentration and features a built-in auto-calibration function for accurate CO2 measurement accuracy over the lifetime of the product, approximately 10 years. Interfacing with the rest of your system can be done via UART or I²C control.

GSS provides an evaluation board for fast-and-easy testing of this technology, both from a hardware and software standpoint. The sensor can either be controlled using a PC application connected to the board via USB or standalone via connections on the evaluation board. The PC software provides a comprehensive GUI for all the main functions of the sensor, including monitoring of other environmental conditions such as pressure, temperature, and relative humidity, and a terminal mode that allows designers to read and write data directly from the sensor register. Most importantly, the current draw can be directly measured in any of the sensor’s operating modes to assess the real-world power usage over time. Direct connection to the sensor is also an option so that designers can separate it from the rest of the evaluation board during testing.

If you’ve got a commercial project and would like to evaluate or learn more about CozIR-Blink, fill in the form below, and ipXchange will put you in touch with GSS to discuss your requirements.

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