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Next-level condition monitoring with A4Radar

Did you know that you can get a lot more insights with radar than with a camera, and at lower cost?

From the start-up area at Embedded World 2024. ipXchange chats with Francisco from A4Radar (Advanced Algorithms For Radar) about some low-power, high-accuracy embedded measurement systems that use radar for next-level monitoring.

As its full name suggests, A4Radar specialises in creating state-of-the-art, hardware-agnostic algorithms that enable radar sensing for high-precision measurement applications.

With sampling rates of 2000 measurements per second, for example, A4Radar opens the door for the use of radar for contactless vibration monitoring in applications such as predictive maintenance.

Not only that, A4Radar knows how to integrate this capability into compact, low-power hardware, making it a great company to work with if you’re developing a radar system designed to run on batteries. Example low-power use cases include presence detection for smart home security and vital sign monitoring in medical settings.

By using radar instead of a camera, it also enables far greater privacy for users, with no images captured that could be used against you in the case of a data breach.

Radar is also immune to adverse weather conditions, can measure to micrometre-level accuracy, and is far lower cost than camera or lidar solutions.

For any engineers who have not yet thought of working with radar as a sensing mechanism, Francisco outlines the following benefits/advantages that they may want to consider over camera systems:

  • Higher accuracy
  • Simpler to integrate and implement high frame/sample rates
  • Enables speed, distance, and vibration measurements

For those interested in putting this technology to the test, A4Radar helps customers to develop systems based on their design requirements, with hardware partnerships with many silicon vendors to provide the best radar IC for the job.

To start with, however, A4Radar provides evaluation boards that allow engineers to play with radar and get started immediately without any prior experience with the technology. The specific boards can be suggested after consultation to see which will fit your project best, so to head the board page by following the link below and apply to evaluate this technology today.

Keep designing!

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