A4Radar Consultation For Radar Algorithm & Hardware Design

A4Radar (Advanced Algorithms For Radar) specialises in creating user-defined, hardware-agnostic algorithm solutions for advanced radar sensor data processing in a wide variety of applications.

Thanks to its partnerships with many silicon vendors, A4Radar also offers the hardware to integrate its algorithms directly into your design, with highest performance and low power consumption that enables new use cases for contactless radar-based real-time monitoring.

This complete design integration solution also comes at reduced cost when compared to other sensor technology such as cameras and lidar systems, with complete robustness against weather conditions and more data insights – such as range and velocity data – by comparison.

At a glance, A4Radar’s solution offers the following benefits:

  • Reduced cost and form factor
  • Multiple beam configuration options
  • 2D (laser + speed) and 5D solutions
  • Selectable ultra-wide bandwidth
  • Sub-mm measurement resolution
  • Temporal multiprocessing
  • Application-specific filters

Key application areas for A4Radar’s technology include biosensing and eHealth, industrial IoT, and smart city, with vital signs detection, life in fire detection, hospital monitoring, material characterisation, vibration monitoring, predictive maintenance, livestock control, vehicle and road user profiling, intelligent traffic lights, and traffic flow detection as some highlighted use cases.

A4Radar produces several evaluation boards that use different radar frequencies and algorithms for testing the accuracy and capabilities of its technology for certain applications. These serve as a first step for out-of-the-box measurements without the requirement for previous radar knowledge.

To begin your journey with A4Radar and get a recommendation for the right evaluation platform to fit your application, fill out the form below, and ipXchange will get you connected.

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