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Pin-to-pin compatible alternative to LDOs boasts heatsink-less operation for compact designs

In another ePoster, ipXchange celebrates the benefits of CAPUF Embedded’s DC-DC LDO modules, which offer an innovative, design-done-for-you solution for many applications that require voltage step down, at significantly reduced cost when compared to competing solutions.

Thanks to the 3.3 V or 5.0 V output options – from an input voltage of up to 15 V – we at ipXchange think that powering MCUs in compact end products is a key area where engineers can find the greatest benefit of using CAPUF’s solution in their design.

The LDO form factor of CAPUF’s modules is remarkably compact and “verticalizes” the board infrastructure required to integrate, for example, the Texas Instruments DC-DC converter IC at the heart of CAPUF’s device. By putting your MCU power infrastructure into 3D space, the board footprint required to deliver power to your project is significantly reduced, allowing you to create much smaller end products.

Assuming that you do not require the low-noise benefits of a traditional LDO, which would require a heatsink and therefore occupy a lot more board space, CAPUF’s solution provides the “think different” mindset that we at ipXchange crave, and at the price that these modules sell for, the time saved in design and manufacturing costs to develop a similar solution yourself makes CAPUF’s solution certainly worth a look.

Learn more about CAPUF’s DC-DC LDO modules by following the link below to our board form, where you can also apply to test this technology for use in a commercial application.

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CAPUF Embedded DC-DC LDO Sample

Want to “verticalize” you MCU power infrastructure?

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