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The World’s smallest cellular IoT system, with GNSS, sensors, and no embedded coding required

Building a small, on-the-go IoT device with a tight deadline? According to the interview we did with OriginGPS at Embedded World, you can get your project to market in as little as 6 weeks with their remarkably compact solution. And if you like playing with Lego, that’s certainly a bonus.

OriginIoT is a ready-to-go modular IoT platform that features out-of-the-box matched RF circuits supporting 2G/3G GSM, LTE Cat-1, LTE Cat-M1, and LTE NB technologies, as well as reliable GNSS with metre-level accuracy. That and ultra-low power consumption with options for an on-board battery charging circuit makes OriginIoT perfect for building devices used in tracking applications such as smart products for pets, precision agriculture, law enforcement, and so much more.

What makes OriginIoT such a great solution for fast time to market is the stackable design for the sensor boards, whether that’s the options available from OriginGPS or a board of your own design. Closed, generic firmware means that time-consuming embedded programming is no longer required. For the most part, it’s just plug in and go, and with multiple standard interfaces, users can choose from over 100 different sensors and peripherals from the start. You can even develop over the cloud and monitor data from your builds via OriginGPS’ web-based GUI.

Learn more about the OriginIoT platform by following the link to our board page, where you can also apply to evaluate the technology for use in a commercial project.

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OriginGPS OriginIoT Application Kit For Cellular + GNSS + Sensing

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