OriginGPS OriginIoT Application Kit For Cellular + GNSS + Sensing

OriginGPS’ OriginIoT system presents a fun, ready-to-use platform with a modular format that allows you to make a prototype IoT device in minutes and release a market-ready product in as little as 6 weeks. Standard interfaces and an inbuilt MCU allow the user to plug in their own sensor devices and configure the added functionality via the cloud. This, along with a compact form factor and an operating temperature of -40°C to +85°C, makes OriginIoT a great basis for applications such as wearables, asset tracking, smart cities, sports, fleet management, precision agriculture, law enforcement, pets/people tracking, and industrial IoT.

The heart of the OriginIoT system is a 27.6 x 18.8 x 4.15 mm board with out-of-the-box matched RF circuits supporting 2G/3G GSM, LTE Cat-1, LTE Cat-M1, LTE NB technologies, and compatibility with LTE release 13 and global support. The on-board GNSS supports GPS+GLO and QZSS bands with a sensitivity of -167 dBm and a positioning accuracy of <1.5m. Multiple standard sensor interfaces enable users to add from over 100 different sensors or peripherals, and closed generic firmware through OriginSmart Software Suite means that you can develop your application through the cloud, without having to do embedded coding yourself. This ultra-low-power module has fast wake-up mechanisms (suspend and resume within 1 second) to enable the longest battery life in your end applications. These power-saving behaviours are also configurable through the cloud.

The OriginIoT Add-on boards are click-to-fit application layers that fit onto the main board like Lego. Standard options include a variety of sensors, including 9-axis motion, barometric pressure and temperature, and a magnetometer. Also included are on-board circuits for DC/DC power management and battery charging, with analogue-to-digital connection for battery status indication and up to 700 mA charge current with current monitoring respectively. As previously stated, OriginSmart allows users to configure features of the add-on boards through the cloud. Aside from connecting batteries and antennas, the only thing left to finish a market-ready IoT product is to design the enclosure.

Learn more about configuring the OriginIoT system with this handy datasheet.

The OriginIoT Application Kit is a great way to get started when designing a cloud-connected IoT system using OriginIoT. The kit contains the OriginIoT main board with an add-on board, GNSS and GSM antennas, ST-LINK and FTDI USBs, and the required cabling for setting-up and powering the device during development. The kit can be used to connect your build to the cloud, test add-on functionality, connect and configure new sensors, and perform local system configuration and debug operations. You can also use the development environment to log and store data, as well as use GUI widgets for commonly used sensors. For more information, the Application Kit user guide can be found here.

If you’re looking to quickly develop an IoT system for commercial release, consider OriginIoT as a basis, and fill in the form below to get connected with OriginGPS for further consultation and the possibility of a free demo board if your project meets the requirements. To evaluate OriginGPS’ GNSS modules on their own, consider their GNSS On A Stick.

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