OriginGPS GNSS On A Stick

OriginGPS’ GNSS On A Stick provides instant real-time location information and is the World’s smallest device of its kind. To view your location on Google Maps or Google Earth, you need only connect to a PC via the micro-USB connector for instant plug-and-play locationing. Alternatively, you can enable this functionality in your end device with just 4 wires (TX, RX, VIN, and GND).

GNSS On A Stick includes altitude and velocity information with fast tracking and accurate timing for viewing GPS history or routes in real-time. This compact device can be integrated into an end product or used to evaluate the performance of five of OriginGPS’ GNSS devices, detailed in the table below. Devices with an inbuilt antenna are marked with an *, and an SMA connector is included for devices that require an external antenna. All OriginGPS modules support QZSS constellation.

Module Part NumberPackage Size (mm)Accuracy (m)Max. Update Rate (Hz)Constellations
*ORG1510-R0210 x 10 x 5.9<1.51-10GPS+GAL+GLO/BDS
*ORG1510-MK0410 x 10 x 6.1<2.51-10GPS+GAL+GLO/BDS
ORG4572-R027 x 7 x 1.4<1.51-10GPS+GAL+GLO/BDS
ORG4572-MK057 x 7 x 1.8<2.51-10GPS+GAL+GLO/BDS
ORG4600-B0110 x 10 x 1.950.11GPS+GLO/GAL/IRNSS

OriginGPS’ GNSS modules set themselves apart from alternative devices due to their small form factor, fast time-to-market, and integrated design – Modules contain RF front end, LNA, SAW filter, TCXO, and RTC, with superior RF performance and Noise Free Zone technology. OriginGPS also supports your design by reviewing your schematics, if requested, so you do not have to be an expert in RF design to get the best performance out of your end product.

If you would like to test GNSS On A Stick for integration in a commercial design, or to evaluate any of the supported GNSS modules, fill in the form below with details of your project, and ipXchange will get you connected with OriginGPS to discuss your requirements.

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