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Vertical GaN technology cuts power losses while shrinking consumer PSU designs by >15%!

Mr. X turns back the clock to NexGen’s NexSys 240W, an AC-DC adaptor designed to power laptops and notebook-type computers, with 240 W of output power at 20 VDC while retaining a tiny form factor of 3.8” x 3.8” x 1.0” and weighing only 363g; that’s >30% lighter than typical power supplies!

As the star of one of the first articles published by ipXchange, we thought we’d remind you of the incredible power density of NexGen’s Vertical GaN technology, especially given their recent updates:

NexGen have just announced the world’s first 700 V and 1200 V Vertical GaN semiconductors. These e-mode Fin-jFETs are capable of >1 MHz switching at 1.4 kV rated voltage, the only wide-bandgap semiconductors capable of this, and they are now available for your designs!

We’ll surely need to follow up on that, but for now, learn more about the NexSys 240 W in our classic article, and if you’ve been looking for a compact solution to your commercial PSU design, you can apply to test the NexSys 240W as an easy-to-use reference design before creating your own solution using NexGen’s technology.

Keep designing!

NexGen NexSys 240W NC240S AC-DC Adapter Sample

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