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Submitted by Jon Mays on December 22, 2023

#MFR2023 – Beautiful RP2040 builds to encourage girls into STEM!

We’re not sure why we were surprised to find a member of the ipXchange community exhibiting at Maker Faire Rome 2023! In this interview, ipXchange chats with Alexandra Covor, a maker, STEM educator, and embedded engineer who has created a number of visually stunning projects to encourage young people, especially girls, into the wonderful world of electronics.

As Alexandra shows us, PicoLight is a compact lighting device for low-light photography, and PicoFlutter is a butterfly-shaped wearable development board. Both projects are built around Raspberry Pi’s RP2040 MCU and present a great starting point to learn the basics of embedded programming while simultaneously having a functional use.

Learn more about Alexandra’s projects here.

Raspberry Pi’s RP2040 has been a welcome disruptor to the MCU market, with easy access to MicroPython programming and a powerful dual-core Arm Cortex-M0+ processor that presents a new, low-cost solution for makers and professional design engineers alike. If you’d like to try the RP2040 for use in a commercial project, apply for a Raspberry Pi Pico board through ipXchange.

Keep designing!

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