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A 650 V GaN-on-silicon power transistor with 58 A pulse current capabilities for industrial applications

Innoscience’s INN650D080BS is a GaN-on-silicon enhancement-mode power transistor which has normally-off power switch status and ultra-high switching frequency; most maximum specifications are stated at 100 kHz and pulses as short as 100 ns (10 µS typ.). The INN650D080BS exhibits no reverse-recovery charge, low gate charge, and low output charge. The key parameters of this device are as follows, as measured at a junction temperature of 25°C:

-> VDS (max.): 650 V
-> RDS(on) @ VGS = 6 V (max.): 80 mΩ
-> QG @ VDS = 400 V (typ.): 6.2 nC
-> ID: 29 A
-> ID,pulse: 58 A
-> Gate threshold voltage VGS(th): 1.2 – 2.5 V (1.7 V typ.)

The INN650D080BS is available in an 8 × 8 x 0.9 mm DFN package and is designed for use in AC-DC converters, DC-DC converters, BCM/DCM totem pole PFC, fast battery charging, high density power conversion, and high efficiency power conversion.

In a slightly annoying turn of fate, Innoscience’s website has a portion of their product webpage dedicated to reference designs, but there does not seem to be any information available on evaluation platforms other than in an application note. Moreover, though most of their devices have a suggested driver IC from a third party, this information seems to be missing for the INN650D080BS. That said, we have been assured that Innoscience is happy to assist engineers developing solutions with their devices by designing demo board(s) for your application(s). The reference designs listed include QR flybacks, bucks, boosts, LLCs, chargers, and more. What would you want for your design? Of course, you can tell us that when filling out an application form.

How was this style of post for you? A bit more concise and spec driven. I will still write my more personalised posts, but for something like this, I’m not sure what spin I’d put based on my own experiences.

Keep designing!

(Image sourced from Innoscience)

Innoscience 650 V GaN-on-Silicon Enhancement-Mode Power Transistor Samples and Reference Designs

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