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A single-chip solution for ambient energy harvesting in the batteryless IoT

In another ipXchange Rewind, we look back at one of our favourite boards of last year, Trameto’s Severn. In fact, we love it so much that we’re taking it to Embedded World with us, so come see it in Hall 4A, Stand 556 where there will be games, t-shirts, sweets, and a whole bunch of other boards!

In short, Severn is a compact, proof-of-concept platform for prototyping ambient micro-energy harvesting for batteryless IoT sensor applications. An engineering sample of Trameto’s OptiJoule TM2040 EH PMIC is at the heart of this platform, and up to four harvesters of the same or mixed type can be connected to the TM2040’s inputs. The TM2040 then adapts autonomously to the harvester type connected – and any changing ambient conditions – in order to maximise energy capture and delivery to a storage device.

This single-chip solution accepts combinations of light, thermal gradient, or vibration energy via the four autonomous harvesting inputs, and the Severn platform includes a photovoltaic harvester and a thermoelectric generator to test this technology. Daughter boards for additional harvester inputs can also be added depending on your requirements.

If Trameto’s device is starting to intrigue you, you can learn more in our original article, or you can use the link below to immediately apply for a Severn to help you evaluate Trameto’s TM2040 for a commercial application.

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Trameto Severn OptiJoule Evaluation Platform

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