Trameto Severn OptiJoule Evaluation Platform

The OptiJoule Energy Harvesting (EH) PMIC accepts input from light (outdoor or indoor), thermal gradient, or vibration energy harvesters. A single harvester can be connected to the EH PMIC, or up to four of the same, or a mix of types, and each input autonomously adjusts its characteristics to provide a perfect match for each, capturing microwatts to milliwatts of energy. The EH PMIC then intelligently optimises the harvested energy to extract the most from all of the sources, all of the time while simultaneously handling intelligent charge management of the energy store and delivering the power to the load efficiently when it is needed.

To test the TM2040 OptiJoule EH PMIC, the Severn platform includes a photovoltaic (PV) harvester on a hinged backing to allow optimal positioning and a thermoelectric generator (TEG) with an air heatsink, all housed in an acrylic case; magnets facilitate the platform’s attachment to a warm, ferrous surface when working with the TEG. The PMIC combines the energy from each input into the common store on the Severn platform, a super-capacitor. When the capacitor is fully charged, the TM2040 delivers a 1.8 V DC, regulated supply at up to 15 mA for powering wireless IoT sensors and modules. A Windows GUI is also available for displaying harvested power and status information, and daughter boards are available for additional energy inputs.

(All images sourced from Trameto)

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