Boards, boards, boards

ipXchange is searching for exciting, disruptive technology to showcase on our Embedded World booth next year.

In this impromptu video in the ipXchange studios, Eamon does his best to remember the key features of the boards we took to the show this year… And reminds you why the ipXchange website should be your go-to place for component evaluation.

Thank you to our EW23 partners for providing us with the following boards to exhibit, in order of appearance in the video:

And to the friends we’ve made along the way:

Digilent Inc.
Cologne Chip AG
Conexio: you heard it here first…

Manufacturers and engineers, come join us at embedded world Exhibition&Conference 2024. Buzz Eamon or Jake to be featured on our booth!

Keep designing!

(and applying to evaluate on ipXchange…)

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