NexGen Vertical GaN 700 V & 1200 V Devices Sample

NexGen have recently announced the world’s first 700 V and 1200 V Vertical GaN semiconductors!

These e-mode Fin-jFETs are capable of >1 MHz switching at 1.4 kV rated voltage, the only wide-bandgap semiconductors capable of this. NexGen’s Vertical GaN devices feature very low conduction and switching losses, enabling systems with higher efficiencies for applications such as lighting, computing, electric vehicles, and more.

At present, preliminary datasheets are only available to applicants, but ipXchange will release more information on this page as it becomes available. Recent announcements indicate that the 1200 V devices enable pulse currents up to 96 A and feature >10 µs short-circuit and single/repeated avalanche robustness.

Apply for a sample using the form below, or get a taster of NexGen’s Vertical GaN capabilities by learning about their AC-DC adapter and LED power module reference designs.

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