‘AAA-grade’ low-power solutions from CES: This week in electronics with ipXchange #1

ipXchange’s earliest page followers – we’re talking from 2022! – might remember that at the end of every week, we used to post a roundup of all the disruptive technology that we covered that week. This was back when ipXchange was a closed LinkedIn group because the character limit for our company page was too short to post a full article in the normal timeline format.

Well, with big changes to LinkedIn and ipXchange since then, we’re bringing this roundup back in the form of a short commentary video every Friday. This week those thoughts come from Eamon, who can’t seem to hide his excitement regarding the ultra-low-power solutions from Atmosic, AONDevices, and Ambiq, as well as some nifty automotive devices from Monolithic Power Systems!

Check out the full posts by following these links to the interviews:

We hope you enjoy the return of this segment, and as always…

Keep designing!

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