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An ultra-compact, universal-input-voltage 20 W LED power module for high-performance lighting applications

With twice the power density of the industry-average alternative, NexGen’s Helios 20W LED Power Module (the NL20S) is a sleeker, smarter solution that enables more Lumens in your choice of lighting application. Still using NexGen’s Vertical GaN technology, this device stands at a mere 2.09” x 1.26” x 1.0”, 363 g; that’s a power density of 7.6 W/in3!

Such a compact form factor comes without sacrificing lighting performance: Light output is of high quality and flicker free with smooth dimming and dim-to-off capabilities. The scalable architecture allows for the installation of advanced lighting systems in smaller spaces, where the ability to provide metering and fault reporting or the integration of dimming protocols can be easily enabled thanks to the NL20S’ standard interface for configuration, control, and connectivity.

Onto the technical specs: The NL20S supports a universal input voltage of 108 V to 305 V at 50 or 60 Hz and provides an output voltage of 24 V to 42 V (0.1 to 0.75 A ±5%) at 85% efficiency with a no-load power consumption of <250 mW. The module is capable of high switching frequencies due to the integrated NexGen Vertical GaN technology, and this design maintains a high power factor >0.9 with low Total Harmonic Distortion (<20%).

OK, I talk about GaN a lot here, but there is SO MUCH of it in development at the moment, with some very interesting peripheral technology that I look forward to posting about soon. I have previously written about NexGen’s NexSys power supply designed for laptops and other consumer goods, and it was lovely to chat with their team to find out more about their work. If this or the NexSys seems like a solution to you, fill out a form and we’ll talk to them yet again!

Keep designing!

(Image sourced from NexGen)

NexGen Helios NL020S 20W LED Power Module Sample

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