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Ask an ipXpert: Taking mesh networking to the next level with Wirepas

ipXchange is proud to present another chat with an ipXpert, this time in the field of mesh networking with Oula Välipakka from Wirepas, who we first met at Embedded World 2023 – See our previous interview here

Though we usually try to keep interviews in our “Ask an ipXpert” series more design-challenge focussed than product focussed, when it comes to mesh networking, Wirepas’ technology changes the energy saving and network size possibilities so much that it could be considered a different form of connectivity entirely. This is especially true when you consider that Wirepas’ solution allows designers to build networks with close to one million devices in a single mesh, without the need for SIM cards, base stations, or subscriptions. 

Enjoy this in-depth discussion as Oula outlines some key verticals where Wirepas’ mesh networking technology really shines, including: 

  • Smart tracking on building sites and in hospitals 
  • Smart lockers and employee wellbeing in smart building applications 
  • Predictive maintenance and remote monitoring in both old and new manufacturing facilities 
  • A World-record-breaking smart metering mesh with future-proven, OTA updates 

If this discussion has piqued your interest in Wirepas, follow the link to our board page, where you can learn more about Wirepas’ different mesh networking options and apply for a consultation to see if Wirepas’ technology is the right fit for your application and how you can integrate it into your commercial projects. 

Keep designing! 

Wirepas Connectivity Suite For Mesh Networking

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