Wirepas Connectivity Suite For Mesh Networking

Wirepas’ Connectivity Suite combines field-proven mesh networking with built-in end-to-end services that include monitoring, positioning, provisioning, security, remote updates, gateway drivers, and backend services for large-scale IoT applications. This embedded software solution allows users to build reliable mesh networks with close to one million devices in a single mesh, without the need for SIM cards, base stations, or subscriptions. Implementation of Wirepas’ software is identical across multiple supported chipsets, so if a change in connectivity device is required, there is no learning curve for reimplementation of Wirepas mesh networking.

Depending on your needs, Wirepas’ Connectivity Suite comes in 3 profiles: 5G Mesh, Mesh 2.4 GHz, and Mesh Sub-GHz. Nordic Semiconductor and Silicon Labs serve as hardware partners to implement Wirepas’ technology in your end product, and applications for some supported chipsets are available through ipXchange using the links in the sections below.

Wirepas 5G Mesh Profile

Wirepas’ 5G mesh profile is based on the new global IoT standard, DECT-2020 NR, the first non-cellular 5G technology in the world. This mesh profile operates on a dedicated 1.9 GHz spectrum using state-of-the-art radio, boosting link performance and reliability while reducing the risk of interference with other technologies. A maximum transmit power of 23 dBm allows for a distance of up to 3 km between devices.

The 5G mesh profile is designed for large-scale deployments with a high density of nodes while using significantly less power than cellular alternatives. Implementation does not require additional infrastructure like base stations, further lowering cost of operation and improving reliability. This makes Wirepas’ 5G mesh profile an attractive option for industrial applications.

Wirepas’ 5G Mesh is under development and will be first launched in the nRF9160 SiP from Nordic Semiconductor. You can apply to evaluate this technology here. Please specify whether you are pairing the device with Wirepas Connectivity Suite when filling out the application form.

Wirepas Mesh 2.4 GHz Profile

Wirepas’ Mesh 2.4 GHz Profile uses the 2.4 GHz global spectrum and supports low-power and low latency use cases. Of Wirepas’ three mesh profiles, the 2.4 GHz mesh is available on the widest range of chipsets and modules. This profile is well suited for large-scale tracking and inventory applications, as well as smart building and smart manufacturing applications that require shorter-range communications than 5G.

The Mesh 2.4 GHz profile supports operation across all 40 available BLE channels, allowing for reliable and robust communications between many devices. Wirepas Connectivity’s unique de-centralised operation means that the mesh 2.4 GHz profile is well suited for indoor applications. The scheme is interoperable with other Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Zigbee technologies, with built-in functionality that minimises risk of interference to and from other radio technologies.

The Mesh 2.4 GHz profile also supports low-power router operations. By lowering a mesh router’s power consumption to a few tens of µA, the Mesh 2.4 GHz profile allows engineers to deploy networks in extensive areas without complex installation or cabling through the use of, primarily, battery-powered nodes.

Details of currently supported chipsets can be found through making an application, or you can apply to test this technology using the Nordic Semiconductor nRF52833 Bluetooth Development Kit through ipXchange. Again, please specify whether you are pairing the device with Wirepas Connectivity Suite when filling out the application form.

Wirepas Mesh Sub-GHz Profile

Wirepas’ Mesh Sub-GHz Profiles enable long-range and reliable mesh networks in the ISM sub-GHz bands. The sub-GHz profiles are available at frequencies that comply with local regulations, and they are well suited for long-range smart metering and smart building applications where the nodes are mains-powered devices. At present, Wirepas supports sub-GHz profiles for Australia (915 MHz) and India (865 MHz).

The sub-GHz profile supports a much longer range than the 2.4 GHz profile due to a higher maximum transmit power allowance. This makes this scheme a good fit for deep indoor and/or long-range applications.

Details of the currently supported chipsets are available by making an enquiry using the form below. Alternatively, you can apply for the Silicon Labs EFR32FG13 Sub-GHz + 2.4 GHz Wireless SoC Development Kit, which supports Wirepas’ Connectivity suite for sub-GHz mesh.

To learn more about Wirepas’ Connectivity Suite and the current chipsets that support this embedded solution, or to evaluate the technology in your application, fill out the form below with details of your commercial project, and ipXchange will put you in touch with Wirepas for consultation.

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