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An embedded solution for super-scalable, reliable mesh networking without external infrastructure!

Moving onto day 2 of ipXchange’s Embedded World coverage, we talk with Wirepas about their incredible mesh networking solution for IoT applications, which allows around one million devices in a single network and features the World’s first non-cellular 5G communication.

In this interview, Oula Valipakka gives us a rundown of Wirepas’ Connectivity Suite, its use cases and profiles for 5G Mesh, Mesh 2.4 GHz, and Mesh Sub-GHz, and the way to evaluate this technology using supported chipsets from Nordic Semiconductor and Silicon Labs.

Learn more about Wirepas Connectivity Suite and some of the supported devices here, where you can also apply to evaluate this technology if you have a commercial application.

Wirepas Connectivity For Mesh Networking

Want large-scale, reliable mesh networking without external infrastructure?

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