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Custom thin-film, coin, and rechargeable batteries for production runs as low as 5,000 units!

Custom thin-film, coin, and rechargeable batteries for production runs as low as 5,000 units! ipXchange has previously written about Renata Batteries’ devices, but unfortunately, that product has since gone out of production, so we caught up with them at Embedded World to get the latest on their extremely reliable battery offerings. It’s great to have them back on our roster!

In this interview, Michael Bertsch reiterates Renata’s standing as a member of the Swatch Group – which gives you an idea of the high quality of these devices – before explaining the shift towards battery miniaturisation, with wearable medical devices as a key focus; batteries for these devices are tuned to cope with high current peaks for the Bluetooth pulses required during alerts, for example.

We then delve into Renata’s flexible/bendable thin-film primary batteries, a great fit for strap-based medical devices, smart cards, and smart labels. Amongst their full range of devices, we also discuss the expansion to Renata’s lithium-ion polymer range of rechargeable batteries, and Michael describes some of the custom options that can be offered for production runs starting at between 5,000 and 10,000 units.

User-Defined Application Form For Renata Batteries Coin, Zinc-Air, And Rechargeable LiPo Products

You can learn more about Renata Batteries’ product options below, where you can apply for samples and/or consultation to get the best battery for your commercial project. Renata would not be the first battery company to say that a design should start by looking at how you will power the device, so consider their products now if you are creating any hand-held or wearable device. No-one likes to find out that reasonably sized battery power is not possible after months of perfecting a prototype.

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