User-Defined Application Form For Renata Batteries Coin, Zinc-Air, And Rechargeable LiPo Products

As a company of the Swatch Group, Renata Batteries specialises in making batteries for many smaller end products like wearables and handheld devices, as well as other consumer, industrial, and medical devices. The following form can be used to apply for consultation or product samples regarding Renata’s range of lithium coin cells, silver oxide batteries, zinc-air batteries for use in hearing aids, and rechargeable lithium polymer (LiPo) batteries.

Custom options are available for end quantities starting at 5,000 to 10,000 units per annum, and these may involve combining cells, tabbing cells, and/or fitting batteries with specialised cabling.

Details of the main product ranges can be found below, but a separate evaluation form has been created for Renata’s thin-film batteries.

Lithium Coin Cells

Renata’s lithium coin cells serve a broad range of applications, both as a backup or primary power source in computer, automotive, telecommunications, and medical applications. The low self-discharge supports these devices in long deployments with infrequent or no replacement over the service lifetime of the end product, with outstanding reliability. Renata offers these batteries in sizes from 10 mm to 24.5 mm diameter and thicknesses from 1.6 mm to 7.7 mm, with capacities ranging from 25 mAh to 950 mAh, depending on the dimensions. Standard batteries are specified at 3 V and have a broad operating temperature range.

As well as standard coin cells, Renata offers tabbed cells for PCB mounting, with nearly 1,000 different configurations covering through-hole, SMD, or cabled mounting schemes. For optimum solder joints, the tabs of these batteries come pre-tinned, and custom versions of these batteries are available if your project requires it.

Silver Oxide Batteries

Renata’s silver oxide batteries come in low- and high-drain versions in smaller diameters to their lithium counterparts. These low voltage (1.55 V standard) batteries can be used as a highly compact, long-life power source in medical equipment, watches, remote controls, pocket computers and many other devices. These cells are stated as 100% mercury free, and are manufactured at state-of-the-art tolerances. They are available in capacities from 6 mAh to 190 mAh.

Zinc-Air Batteries

Renata’s latest generation of zinc-air batteries are optimally suited for analogue, digital, and ultra-high-power hearing aids, as well as wireless communication. These batteries feature extra-long operating life and high currents, and are available in capacities from 105 mAh to 660 mAh, diameters from 5.6 mm to 11.6 mm, and thicknesses of 3.6 mm to 5.4 mm. The no-load voltage of these devices is >1.45 V, and this is slightly lower when installed into a system. These batteries are also stated as 100% no mercury and are suitable for all hearing aids. If desired, more information can be provided on handling these specialist devices.

Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Batteries

Renata’s rechargeable lithium-ion polymer (LiPo) batteries are 20% lighter than conventional cylindrical cell batteries and present a long-life, highly reliable power source for wearable devices such as smartwatches, headsets, and fitness trackers. These devices come in a variety of thin, trapezoidal form factors with capacities ranging from 35 mAh to 2800 mAh and rated voltages between 3.7 V and 3.8 V, which can be charged using a supply between 4.2 V and 4.35 V.

Most models within this series feature an internal safety circuit for protection against overcharging, discharging, and overloading, including shorts, and the high cycle stability of the devices enables 80% residual capacity after 500 charges/discharges.

The full range of standard options for Renata’s LiPo batteries can be found in this datasheet, but, as previously stated, custom options are available for quantities starting at between 5,000 and 10,000 units.

If you have a commercial application and would like to evaluate any of the technology mentioned above, please fill out the form below, and ipXchange can facilitate consultation with Renata Batteries to serve your project. Please note that since batteries set the limits of what power your end device can use, it is useful to consider custom battery options at the start of your design journey.

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