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Design done for you: An easy-to-integrate, pre-certified GNSS solution with cm-level accuracy

In a very exciting milestone for the ipXperience, Guy chats with Niall from Taoglas and Armin from u-blox about a collaborative project that combines Taoglas’ antenna expertise with u-blox’s GNSS technology for a ready-to-go hardware and software solution that provides engineers with an easy-to-integrate, precision-tuned GNSS module for applications such as e-bikes and e-scooters, smart agriculture, UAVs, and sidewalk delivery robots. 

Originally released in 2019, Taoglas’ EDGE Locate module is relaunching with a second-generation model in conjunction with u-blox’s new PointPerfect GNSS augmentation service. This advanced Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) dramatically increases GNSS positioning down to centimetre-level accuracy, in contrast to the standard metre-level accuracy of many GNSS solutions. PointPerfect also offers high coverage across multiple countries, with lower bandwidth than competing RTK solutions for reduced data costs, making it particularly scalable for large fleets. 

Among the discussions of GNSS design challenges featured in this interview, a key highlight is Niall’s explanation of how Taoglas tunes their antennas to each circuit for every EDGE Locate module; watch the interview in full to find out! For those looking to use this technology, Taoglas will also help you integrate this, or any of their other antennas, into a design to ensure the best GNSS capability. Additionally, Taoglas’ IoT division also offers a full design service for similar connected devices. 

Should you choose to test EDGE Locate 2 by applying for a sample using the form in the link below, simple instructions are included with the device to get you started. Niall and Armin reckon you’ll have the module tracking its location in u-blox’s u-center software within 5 mins of opening the box, with the PointPerfect service accessible via 

Learn more on our boards page, where, as usual, we’ve done a technical write-up to assist in your choice in evaluating this technology. We at ipXchange are excited to see what projects you’ll come up with, so don’t hold back. 

Keep designing!

Taoglas EDGE Locate 2 GNSS Module + u-blox PointPerfect GNSS Augmentation Service

Looking for an easy-to-integrate, pre-certified GNSS module for your robotic lawnmower design, or similar?  

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