Taoglas EDGE Locate 2 GNSS Module + u-blox PointPerfect GNSS Augmentation Service

Taoglas’ EDGE Locate 2 module combines Taoglas’ AGPSF.36G embedded active dual-band GNSS L1/L2 stacked patch antenna and RF design expertise with u-blox’s ZED-F9P multi-band GNSS module to create an easy-to-integrate complete GNSS solution. This highly tuned 47 x 48 x 19 mm module provides centimetre-level positioning accuracy and is an energy-efficient, ready-to-use solution for location services in applications such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), emergency response, e-mobility, smart agriculture, autonomous machinery, mapping, robots, and professional sports trackers.

EDGE Locate 2 supports GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou constellations with a navigation update rate of up to 20 Hz and a position accuracy of up to 0.01 m with RTK (up to 0.05 m without RTK). RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) is a correctional technique that enhances the precision of position data from satellite-based positioning systems. u-blox’s PointPerfect service is an advanced RTK that offers GNSS augmentation with 99.9% uptime availability via internet and L-band satellite and uniform coverage across Europe, contiguous United States, Canada, South Korea, and Australia. It comes pre-integrated with the ZED-F9P module and offers 3-6 cm accuracy and convergence in seconds with lower bandwidth than competing RTK solutions for reduced data costs. PointPerfect is ideal for managing large fleets for a scalable, mass-market GNSS solution.

Taoglas’ pre-certified module features industry-standard UART and USB interfaces with PMOD compatibility for easy integration into third-party hardware. EDGE Connect also allows for full cellular connectivity. This module is specified for -40°C to +85°C operating temperatures and uses an input voltage of 5.0 V with a current draw as low as 68 mA during GPS tracking operations.

More information about EDGE Locate 2 can be found in this datasheet, which contains hyperlinks to separate datasheets for Taoglas’ AGPSF.36G antenna and u-blox’s ZED-F9P GNSS module. A product Summary for PointPerfect can also be found here.

Since EDGE Locate 2 is a ready-to-go solution, evaluating this technology is as simple as plugging it in. Instructions are included with the demokit for tracking/evaluation using u-blox’s u-center software within 5 mins of opening the box, and Taoglas are also able to provide full design assistance for integrating EDGE Locate 2 into your design.

If you would like to test this device and location service for use in a commercial application, fill out the form below, and ipXchange will put you in touch with Taoglas for consultation.

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