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Easy-to-assemble, modular IoT system speeds time to market with tailored, ready-to-deploy solution!  

In another exciting interview from Hardware Pioneers Max 2023, ipXchange talks to Gavin from RAKwireless about the WisBlock modular IoT system, which presents designers with a wealth of sensors, connectivity options, industrial and power supply interfaces, MCUs, and everything else required to build a fast proof-of-concept IoT design – in hours or days – or even a ready-to-go product for fast time to market in even the smallest-scale IoT applications.

The WisBlock line consists of over 100 modules that can be easily fit together without the requirement for soldering, thanks to high-density connectors and a click-and-screw design. By layering boards together, developers can combine familiar RAKwireless devices, such as the RAK3172 MCU + LoRaWAN module, with sensor modules that include solutions for temperature, IR camara, particle matter, CO2, motion, radar, fingerprint – the ever-expanding list goes on and on. After that, its simply a case of connecting any modules and antennas required for your choice of wireless protocol – LoRaWAN, Bluetooth, GNSS, RFID, NB-IoT, Wi-Fi, etc. – and placing your assembled WisBlock configuration into one of RAKwireless’ purpose-built enclosures.

The real magic, as Gavin puts it, is that RAKwireless also provides the provisioning and accessories for mounting these enclosures when the product is deployed in the field. RAKwireless also provides a customisation service for enclosures that may need a little extra, such as application-specific features like waterproof openings for speaker output or solar panels for operation on harvested energy. WisBlock really is a ready-to-deploy IoT solution!

RAKwireless’ RUI3 framework and open-source, Arduino-based software suites makes configuring your combination of modules and bringing your IoT design to life faster and easier than ever, and at significantly lower material and development cost than other modular solutions on the market. What is perhaps even more appealing about RAKwireless’ WisBlock line is that users are not exclusively confined to using the modules with other modules. The enclosures, blocks, antennas, and every other part of the system can be used to create/expand your own designs in conjunction with your own hardware and programming requirements.

In short, RAKwireless’ WisBlock system is a great development tool or complete solution for creating IoT products that will wow customers as well as people on your development team.

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RAKwireless WisBlock Modular IoT Solution

Learn more about the WisBlock system below, where you can also apply to evaluate this technology for use in a commercial project:

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