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Flexible, modular testing system speeds transition from silicon to silicon carbide devices

Mr. X presents Wolfspeed’s SpeedVal Kit™, the industry’s most versatile silicon carbide evaluation platform. The SpeedVal Kit can be configured to suit an engineer’s preferences to test and optimise the performance of Wolfspeed’s silicon carbide MOSFETs at real operating conditions.

Comprised of quickly interchangeable cards, Wolfspeed’s SpeedVal Kit provides a flexible, time-saving environment for characterising the high-speed switching performance of Wolfspeed’s discrete Silicon Carbide MOSFETs in conjunction with approved gate drivers. Accurate modular SPICE models have also been developed for each SpeedVal block so that engineers can simulate systems in conjunction with physical testing. Later, SpeedVal options will be expanded to include testing methods for Wolfspeed’s other discrete silicon carbide products and power modules.

Wolfspeed’s range of discrete devices offers higher current ratings and lower RDS(On) than competitor alternatives, resulting in lower conduction losses for higher efficiency in a variety of applications, including EV powertrains and charging, industrial power and motor control, and renewable energy infrastructure.

The unique modular structure of the SpeedVal Kit means that testing that once took weeks can now be completed in minutes. The SpeedVal platform enables users to:

-> Measure switching loss (Eon, Eoff, Qrr)
-> Adjust Rg to optimize switching behavior
-> Select from a range of gate driver options to suit your design
-> Operate as a buck or boost converter via the half-bridge motherboard

With so many configuration options to choose from, Wolfspeed created the SpeedVal Kit Configurator, which can be found on their website, but navigating this can be a little confusing on a first run-through, so our following guide will help prepare you for what to expect when creating a SpeedVal configuration for yourself:

Wolfspeed’s SpeedVal kit is an expensive piece of testing equipment, so it would be understandable if they would be unable to provide a free configuration. That said, if you are looking to make the transition from silicon to silicon carbide in a commercial project, fill out an application, and ipXchange will be happy to put you in touch with Wolfspeed to discuss what options they can provide.

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Wolfspeed SpeedVal Kit™ Silicon Carbide Evaluation Platform

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