Wolfspeed SpeedVal Kit™ Silicon Carbide Evaluation Platform

Wolfspeed’s SpeedVal Kit allows for quick-and-easy evaluation of almost all discrete Wolfspeed silicon carbide MOSFETs and diodes within a common testing platform. The unique card-edge connections of the SpeedVal modules allow users to switch between devices in seconds, speeding up device testing and product development when making the transition from silicon to silicon carbide.

The SpeedVal Kit supports 650 V to 1200 V devices in a range of packages and power topologies. It is built on a half-bridge motherboard that works with the following user-defined blocks:

  • Power Daughter Card (1 required) – Half-bridge configuration of two MOSFETs or a MOSFET and a diode.
  • Gate Driver Card (1 required) – Two-channel driver card including gate power supplies.
  • Control Card and User Interface (optional)
  • Buck-Boost Filter Board (optional)
  • Air-Core Inductor (optional) – For double-pulse testing.

The SpeedVal Kit motherboard comes with all the necessary hardware and cabling to attach the gate driver and power daughter cards, and it includes an adapter board for connecting the optional NXP control card and a surface mount current transformer that can be used for current measurement on the power daughter cards; MMCX to BNC adapters are also provided to simplify probing.

Your custom SpeedVal configuration can be created using the tool on Wolfspeed’s website, and ipXchange has produced a guide which can be downloaded here:

Wolfspeed’s SpeedVal kit is an expensive piece of testing equipment, so it would be understandable if they would be unable to provide a free configuration. If you are looking to make the transition from silicon to silicon carbide in a commercial project, fill out an application, and ipXchange can put you in touch with Wolfspeed to discuss what options they can provide.

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