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Industry 4.0 solutions use Arduino’s MKR boards for swappable WiFi or LoRa connectivity

In our next interview from Maker Faire Rome 2023, ipXchange chats with Pasquale from SoluzioniMISURA about two industrial IoT solutions based on Arduino’s MKR boards. By choosing Arduino’s MKR boards as a basis, SoluzioniMISURA’s solutions can be easily configured for the end user’s choice of Bluetooth, WiFi, or LoRaWAN connectivity. That’s forward-thinking!

The first device was ModuSmart, a DIN-rail-mounted, 8-input, 4-output control system for energy management in smart home and industrial applications. As Pasquale explains, ModuSmart can be used to read the energy consumption in a household and switch an actuator when the consumption reaches past a certain threshold – in later content from Maker Faire Rome, we’ll learn that this is a big deal in Italy. Of course, ModuSmart can also be manually controlled and operated using a computer or mobile device thanks to the cloud connectivity provided by Arduino’s MKR board.

The second solution, T4NKO, uses a similar principle of automated systems, but aims to cater to the wine industry, monitoring the temperature of the wine during storage/production and controlling the flow of cold water to the vats to keep the wine at an optimum temperature. Again, this can be controlled and monitored through the cloud via SoluzioniMISURA’s Android-based T4NKO app.

You can learn more about SoluzioniMISURA’s ModuSmart and T4NKO boards by following this link to a combined board page but we at ipXchange think the key takeaway from this interview is how Arduino’s MKR boards can allow for quick switching between connectivity protocols in commercial products. Learn more about the MKR WiFi 1010 by following the link below to the board page, where… – you know what’s coming – …you can apply to evaluate the technology for use in a commercial project.

Damn, we love the Arduino Village at Maker Faire Rome.

Keep designing!

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