SoluzioniMISURA ModuSmart & T4NKO Industry 4.0 Smart Automation Solutions

SoluzioniMISURA’s ModuSmart and T4NKO are two automation systems that ipXchange saw on show at Maker Faire Rome 2023 as part of the Arduino Village. Due to a lack of information online or in English, this board page condenses both product handouts, as well as the descriptions from our interview, for reference in the event that an engineer is interested in evaluating this technology for use in a commercial project. Both ModuSmart and T4NKO use the Arduino MKR boards as an interchangeable connectivity solution (Bluetooth, WiFi, or LoRaWAN) to suit the needs of the deployment. Learn more and apply to evaluate Arduino’s full range of boards here.


ModuSmart is an easy-to-install modular smart-automation platform for smart home and industrial applications. These modules are based on Modbus, WiFi, and LoRaWAN protocols, thanks to the integration of swappable Arduino MKR boards.

The basic ModuSmart unit is an 8-input, 4-output controller for remote access and monitoring of, for example, energy consumption, using a computer or mobile device. The inputs can be used to read a sensor value or other stimulus to be actioned by the 24-V outputs, such as turning an actuator to cut off the flow of water/electricity when the consumption has reached a desired threshold. The flexibility of wireless protocols enables ModuSmart’s integration with different IoT networks, and it is a highly scalable solution to control previously unconnected systems and bring them into a more usage-conscious age.


T4NKO is an industry 4.0 solution designed for monitoring the temperature of multiple vats for the wine industry. Using an Android app, T4NKO enables winemakers immediate access to temperature readings within their winery and the ability to control this by directing the flow of cold water to cool the wine, or alternatively, heat the vat if required.

For more information on both ModuSmart and T4NKO, fill out the form below, and ipXchange will facilitate conversation with SoluzioniMISURA for further discussion and evaluation of this technology.

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