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Live demo! An I2C to PC interface with SmartWave

Testing I2C and SPI components has never been easier!

In another on-booth video from ipXchange at Embedded World 2024, Eamon catches up with Semify’s Klaus Strohmayer for a live demonstration of SmartWave. This FPGA-based SPI/I2C host adapter allows for direct USB interfacing of components with your PC during the initial testing stages of your design.

Check out our previous ipXperience about SmartWave for the full origin story!

In this video, Klaus illustrates the different configuration possibilities when using SmartWave, starting with an accelerometer demo with a simple I/O driver and expander via the standard API. This enables 3-axis position and acceleration data output and plotting on the PC with minimal fuss and without having to configure a new embedded system.

The second demo ditches the first software interface in favour of Semify’s zero-coding web GUI, this time being used to light some LEDs on another board. The web GUI makes pin assignment for SmartWave’s I/Os very easy, and for more spread-out testing setups, these assignments are also clearly shown on SmartWave’s on-device display.

SmartWave also allows you to simulate the response of new components when testing an embedded system itself, making it an extremely useful tool for evaluating many components that use standard SPI and I2C communication.

Other interfaces like UART are envisioned for later versions of this product, so learn more about SmartWave by following the link to the board page below, where you can apply to evaluate this technology for use in your commercial projects.

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Test, interface, and simulate components with SmartWave

Semify SmartWave FPGA-Based SPI/I2C Host Adapter And Interfacing Device

Want an easier way to test I2C/SPI components before integrating them into your design?

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