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An UNO-compatible motor shield that goes up to 5 A per channel! Build stronger robots with Semify 

In the final ipXperience that ipXchange recorded in 2023, Guy chats with Klaus, founder of Semify, a company that develops products to help engineers solve dedicated design challenges. 

One such product is Semify’s open-source, Arduino-UNO-compatible DCC-EX Motor Shield, which offers engineers higher current capability (up to 5 A) and higher DC supply voltage (up to 30 V) than the standard Arduino motor shield. 

When paired with an UNO-compatible board, this shield eases development and testing of higher-power-level robotics and automation applications while still keeping the familiarity of the Arduino development environment. Thanks to the shield-based form factor, these boards can also be double-stacked to create more complex movement systems or increase the current capabilities for driving more powerful motors. 

Learn more about Semify’s DCC-EX motor shield by following the link to the dedicated board page, where you can apply to evaluate this technology for use in a commercial project. 

Keep designing! 

Semify Arduino-UNO-Compatible DCC-EX Motor Shield

Looking for a beefier alternative to Arduino’s standard motor shield? 


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