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Ready-to-deploy, high-precision motion control: Technosoft’s intelligent solution for all motor types  

In another motor control interview from EDS 2023 – it’s a great show for that! – ipXchange chats with Alin from Technosoft about a very interesting demonstration highlighting the ultra-high precision of their solutions. Check out these devices if you’re already using solutions from Infineon, STMicroelectronics, or Analog Devices but want something more compact, universal, and with a smart edge! 

Technosoft clearly loves motion control and understands that there are a great many different motor/actuator devices that require tailored control solutions. But that’s annoying, so the Technosoft team has created a portfolio of ready-to-integrate universal drives that work with your choice of brushless and brushed DC motors, stepper motors, voice coil actuators, and linear motors for a wide variety of applications from toys to printers to medical devices to industrial applications and more; basically anything that moves. This universality extends to the communication interfaces and feedback encoders for precise control, and Technosoft’s solutions feature both the control and power circuitry required to build a complete system. 

The demo itself is controlling a pair of linear motors with crossing paths, synchronised at high speed so the bars do not hit each other. At the heart of the boards is Technosoft’s MotionChip technology, which is a freely programmable motion controller that enables complex motion control tasks, including automated motion control for actions that could never be done using manual control, with a wide variety of control languages supported – did we mention these drives aim for universality? 

Looking through Technosoft’s catalogue, we at ipXchange believe that the devices in the demo are the iPOS2401 boards, which provide the full benefit of Technosoft’s technology in the smallest form factor (46.5 x 19.2 x 8.5 mm) with output at up to 24 W, though the product range currently goes all the way to 2.5 kW. Learn more about these boards by following the link to the board form below, and if you like the sound of Technosoft’s approach for your next commercial project, apply to evaluate this technology today.  

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Technosoft iPOS2401 MX-CAN/CAT 24 W Intelligent Motor Controller Boards

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