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Best-of boards 2023 – Motor Control: Technosoft’s intelligent, universal motor control boards! 

Motor control was a new category for ipXchange in 2023, and once we got our first taste of these ready-to-go solutions, we were hooked, making for an interesting list of candidates in the running for the top spot.

But there can be only one winner, and a super satisfying on-booth demo at EDS 2022 – in Jake’s second week with ipXchange no less – drew us back for 2023 for an interview that cemented the victory!

ipXchange’s winner of best motor control discovery in 2023 is Technosoft’s 24-W iPOS2401 MX-CAN/CAT boards, which are super compact at 46.5 x 19.2 x 8.5 mm, but are so versatile in their applications, thanks to their support for RS232, EtherCAT, TMLCAN, and CANopen interfaces to control your choice of brushless or brushed DC motors, 2- or 3-phase stepper motors, voice coil actuators, or linear motors – that sure seems universal to us.

These boards sit at the smaller end of Technosoft’s product range, with motor supply output between 7 VDC and 30 VDC, but if you like the look of that universality, Technosoft have you covered with solutions for up to 2.5 kW of motor control power.

A particularly nice feature of these drives is that you can program them to execute motion sequences from non-volatile memory for complex movements that could never be done manually. Technosoft’s devices also support multiple languages for programming these sequences, so that’s another point to add to the universality of this solution.

If you’re working on a space-critical design that needs the very best in motion control as judged by ipXchange in the year 2023, learn more by following the link to the board page, and apply to evaluate the technology for a great start to 2024.

Keep designing!

Technosoft iPOS2401 MX-CAN/CAT 24 W Intelligent Motor Controller Boards

Learn more and apply to evaluate ipXchange’s top pick for motor control discoveries in 2023!

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