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A quick-to-install, universal 5-axis CNC motion control solution: Introducing Cortex Automations! 

At Maker Faire Rome 2023, ipXchange discovered a very interesting motion control solution from Italian startup Cortex Automations. The 32-bit Neuron-1 CNC controller board presents a forward-thinking alternative to older 8-bit CNC architectures – with GrbHAL firmware enabling a new level of functionality – and serves as a disruptive alternative to CNC control solutions from industry giants like Seimens, Heidenhain, and Infineon. 

Aside from the green Teensy4.1 microcontroller board, the control centre in a sea of purple motion-control goodness, the first thing you may notice when encountering the Neuron-1 is the many RJ45 input/output connectors, chosen by Cortex Automations for fastest installation while ensuring a secure, robust connection during operation. The RJ45 basis also allows PoE-style power supply from any of the control inputs or outputs. 

If you didn’t read the title, the Neuron-1 provides a universal, 5-axis CNC control solution, and it features configurable inputs and outputs at 5 or 24 V as per your system requirements, serving a variety of alarm, command, and limit switch input signals, and full 5-axis Step/Dir/Enable control outputs. The board also includes outputs for coolant systems and/or dust extraction and PWM outputs for spindle VFD and laser modules. 

We wish we could have gotten an interview with the makers of this new technology, but the English-Italian language barrier proved too much, so learn more about Cortex Automations’ Neuron-1 by following the link to our board page, where you can apply to evaluate this technology for use in a commercial project. 

Keep designing! 

Cortex Automations Neuron-1 Universal 5-Axis CNC controller

Looking for a forward-thinking alternative to legacy 8-bit CNC control systems?

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