Cortex Automations Neuron-1 Universal 5-Axis CNC controller

Italian startup Cortex Automations’ Neuron-1 is a 32-bit universal CNC motion control system for 5-axis motion, based on the Teensy 4.1 microcontroller development board. Designed with fast installation in mind, this CNC control solution runs on the forward-thinking GrbHAL firmware for superior operation over 8-bit CNC controllers, and it features RJ45 connectors for secure and durable operation in automation systems that include millers, scanning systems, and more.

Cortex Automations’ plug-and-play expansion boards allow further access to everything you’ll need to build a CNC device with ease, and configurable 5-V and 24-V PNP/NPN input and output options enable the board to serve a wide variety of motion and control/sensing devices, with protections against reverse polarity and self-resetting fuses for each power supply. Thanks to the RJ45 connectors each of these inputs/outputs can also serve as a PoE-style power supply.

The Neuron-1 features the following inputs:

  • 5x Closed-loop stepper motor/servo alarm inputs
  • Opto-isolated inputs for DOOR/PROBE/HOLD/START/E-STOP input signals
  • Opto-isolated inputs for all limit switch input signals
  • 4x Opto-isolated auxiliary inputs
  • An independent input for VAC output override

The control outputs are as follows:

  • Full 5-axis Step/Dir/Enable control outputs.
  • 24- or 5-V outputs for spindle, mist coolant, flood coolant, or dust extraction
  • 3x 24- or 5-V auxiliary outputs controlled by additional M-codes
  • 0-10 V or 5 V PWM outputs for spindle VFD and laser modules
  • CW/CCW/security enable for spindle VFD

Additional connections include USB (main and auxiliary), ethernet, I2C, a 5×2-pin header for connection with additional computer modules, and an SD card slot. In addition to GrbHAL firmware, the Neuron-1 supports IoSender software and soon-to-be-released CortexInterface software.

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