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Safer linear motion at significantly reduced cost: Motion Control Products’ magnet-free track motors 

ipXchange made a very special find at EDS 2023 when chatting with Tony from Motion Control Products. Unlike standard linear motors from manufacturers like Tecnotion and Celera, Motion Control Products’ MMF3 devices work without any permanent magnets on the track; all the magnetics (permanent and electro-) are contained in the forcer only! 

The key benefits of this subtle but significant change to the motor architecture are as follows: 

  • The reduced EMI makes these devices a great solution for medical and other magnetically sensitive applications. 
  • The cost is dramatically reduced when compared to permanent-magnetic track solutions, especially for longer track lengths – rare-earth permanent magnets are still a very expensive technology. 
  • Safety is greatly improved as the residual magnetic fields on the track are very small. 
  • The product lifespan is radically extended thanks to the reduced accumulation of magnetic debris, cogging force, and friction. 

Motion Control Products’ MMF3 linear motor works using patented field modulation technology with multiple coils shifting the position of the forcer along the track. Still operating at the high precision and high speeds required in applications such as industrial automation, robotics for manufacturing, printing, and assembly, simulators, and medical equipment, the track can be built as long as is required, so long as there are position feedback encoders and the required power systems in place.  

With up-to-3-m-long complete solutions available off the shelf – Motion Control Products can help with system integration for larger systems – the MMF3 magnet-free track linear motors were a great find at EDS 2023, so ipXchange looks forward to more updates from a company we had previously had no engagement with. What a fun job! 

Learn more about the MMF3 devices by following the link below to our board page, where as always, you can apply to evaluate this technology for use in a commercial project. 

Keep designing! 

Motion Control Products MMF3 Magnet-Free Track Linear Motors

Want to slash the cost of your next project requiring linear motion while at the same time making it safer for users and maintenance engineers? 

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