Motion Control Products MMF3 Magnet-Free Track Linear Motors

Motion Control Products’ MMF3 linear motors offer a safer, significantly lower-cost solution to traditional linear motors, thanks to their patented field modulation technology that allows these motors to work on a magnet-free track – all electro- and permanent magnets are contained within the forcer. Typical applications include industrial automation, robotics for manufacturing, printing, and assembly, simulators, and medical equipment.

Standard linear motors use a track which contains a regularly spaced array of expensive rare-earth permanent magnets, meaning that as the track length increases, the cost of a system rises proportionally. These magnets are also a safety concern to those working close to or around the motor, making them unsuitable for some applications that are particularly sensitive to magnetic fields, such as medical equipment.

Motion Control Products’ MMF3 linear motors solve both of these issues while still offering high precision and high-speed operation. Simultaneously, this solution provides extended product lifespan thanks to the reduced accumulation of magnetic debris, cogging force, and friction, enabled by the magnet-free track. Additionally, the Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) is greatly reduced, with low residual fields along the track when the forcer is far away.

The MMF3 motors are available in a number of different sizes and configurations as described in this dedicated product catalogue. When optimised, these devices are capable of delivering a continuous force of up to 495 N (1527 N peak), with a maximum travel speed of 12.8 m/s, or 18.2 m/s at lower force levels. These benchmarks translate to motor efficiency levels >90%, and multiple units can be paralleled for shifting larger payloads.

Motion Control Products offers stand-alone or modular options to integrate this technology, with complete solutions (drivers and encoders included) for track lengths of up to 3 m. Longer than this, custom solutions can be tailored and implemented in consultation with Motion Control Products.

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