Technosoft iPOS2401 MX-CAN/CAT 24 W Intelligent Motor Controller Boards

The iPOS2401 boards present Technosoft’s most compact programmable motor control solution for brushless and brushed DC motors, 2- or 3-phase stepper motors, voice coil actuators, and linear motors, with a footprint of just 46.5 x 19.2 x 8.5 mm. This makes them a great fit for space-critical applications such as medical devices, general robotics, laboratory and factory automation, packaging, and instrumentation. The heart of Technosoft’s devices is its MotionChip technology, a freely programmable motion controller that enables complex motion control tasks, with ample multi-language software libraries and support to help in your product development.

Sitting at one end of Technosoft’s product range, the iPOS2401 boards feature a motor supply of 7-30 VDC (logic supply of 7-40 VDC) and a max. current of 0.9 A (continuous or peak) for up to 24 W output. Two modular options cover RS232 (up to 115 kbit/s), EtherCAT, TMLCAN, and CANopen (CiA profiles 301, 305, and 402) communication interfaces, with easy integration via 2-mm-pitch headers or direct soldering.

The iPOS2401 boards can be controlled via CAN Bus, pulse and direction signals, or standard analogue/digital inputs, and feedback options include incremental or absolute encoders or Hall sensors. The non-volatile memory in the drive can be used for autonomous motion sequence execution for complex predetermined tasks. The control structure features customisable sampling rate, PWM frequency up to 120 kHz, and 512 microsteps per full step, with step loss detection and automatic position compensation. The digital and analogue I/O options are as follows:

  • 5x digital inputs: 5-24 V, NPN
  • 2x digital outputs: 5-24 V, 0.5 A, NPN Open-Collector
  • 1x analogue input: 12-bit, 0-5 V
  • External motor/holding brake control via a digital output
  • External brake resistance control with integrated brake chopper function

Technosoft’s solutions include protections against over-current, over-temperature, under-voltage and over-voltage. Learn more about the CAN and EtherCAT versions of the iPOS2401 in these official datasheets.

If you would like to evaluate the performance of Technosoft’s devices for use in a commercial project, fill out the form below, and ipXchange will get you connected. Technosoft supports motor control solutions for up to 2.5 kW output, so if you like the feel of the iPOS2401 boards for a project, use this form to engage in discussion about the other available options.

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