Semify Arduino-UNO-Compatible DCC-EX Motor Shield

Semify’s open-source DDC-EX Motor Shield presents designers with a more powerful alternative to Arduino’s own motor shield, which can be easily combined with the Arduino UNO or a UNO-compatible board. Semify’s board accepts a wider power supply voltage of 9-30 V with reverse-polarity protection (vs. 5-12 V) and can produce a peak motor current of 5 A per channel (vs. 2 A), which enables easier development of higher-power control systems for robotics and light/unmanned electric vehicles.

The DDC-EX Motor Shield is a dual-H-bridge motor drive based on TI’s DRV8874 chip. Current sensing and feedback come integrated for a complete control system when combined with a UNO-compatible board and your choice of relays, solenoids, or DC/stepper motors. Additionally, two DCC-EX Motor Shields can be stacked for increased current capabilities (parallel mode) or independent control of four motion devices (independent mode).

Learn more about the DDC-EX Motor Shield on the official GitHub, where you can build your own using the open-source schematics, or fill out the form below to apply for a consultation with Semify to evaluate the technology for use in your commercial project.

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