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Looking to build a compact EV, consumer, or medical device power supply? CUI has you covered!

ipXchange is back to the Future Electronics booth – don’t roll your eyes at that pun! – this time at PCIM, where Tony talks us through a variety of power supply solutions from CUI. Though CUI offers some larger open-frame power supplies, the focus of this interview is the more compact devices.

The first, the PSK-20D series of modules, are a great fit for EV-charging AC wall boxes and energy storage applications. These 20 W board-mount AC-DC power supplies have a universal AC input voltage and offer a typical efficiency of 85% for their single 2 to 24 VDC output. As you can see, these devices are remarkably compact at just 52.4 x 27.2 x 24 mm.

The second of these compact devices is an example of CUI’s highly efficient DC-DC converters which are available in a pin-compatible package to replace familiar-but-inefficient LDOs. They also do not require a heatsink to operate, thus saving significant board space in your design.

CUI PSK-20D Series Board Mount AC-DC Power Supply

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