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Multi-sensor development board enables quick evaluation of supply-chain-resilient devices from Würth Elektronik

Following from ipXchange’s interview at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics, Mr. X presents Würth Elektronik’s Sensor FeatherWing development board. This Adafruit Feather form-factor platform enables rapid prototyping using Würth Elektronik’s temperature, absolute pressure, humidity, and 3-axis acceleration sensors.

These compact, high-performance devices provide an alternative to sensors from big names like Bosch, NXP, and Infineon, as Würth Elektronik offers stock guarantee, transparent pricing, and longevity up to 10 years. Würth Elektronik also provides Arduino (C/C++) drivers and code examples to aid your development, with local technical support in more than 50 countries to cut the learning curve for faster integration of their devices into your design.

The Sensor FeatherWing serves as a solid basis for IoT sensor hub prototypes, and it is also compatible with Sparkfun’s QWIIC-connect ecosystem. The platform is easy to expand with hundreds of already existing boards in the Feather and QWIIC form-factor, including others from Würth Elektronik.

Learn more about Würth Elektronik’s sensors on our board application form, and check out our interview with Gopi Patel below. Though Sensor FeatherWing does not make an appearance, its sensors and Tennis Ball do. This exciting new sensor and wireless platform is due to be released soon, so keep checking back for updates. For an overview of the range of Würth Elektronik sensor and wireless products mentioned, head to our Würth Elektronik User-Defined Application Form!

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Würth Elektronik Sensor FeatherWing Development Board

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