User-Defined Application Form For Würth Elektronik Sensor And Wireless Devices

This temporary form can be used to apply to evaluate Würth Elektronik’s sensor and/or wireless devices while ipXchange creates separate forms for each of the available evaluation platforms. Please state in the form which device you are looking to evaluate. If you want to evaluate multiple options, some combined evaluation platforms are available.

Sensor options

  • Temperature: WSEN-TIDS
  • Humidity (with built in temperature): WSEN-HIDS
  • 3-Axis Acceleration: WSEN-ITDS
  • 6-Axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) (3-axis acceleration + 3-axis gyroscope): WSEN-ISDS
  • Absolute Pressure: WSEN-PADS
  • Differential Pressure: WSEN-PDUS

An overview of the range is available here, and details of the new 6-axis IMU sensor can be found here.

Wireless options

  • Bluetooth modules (Overview here)
  • GNSS modules (Flyer here)
  • Adrastea-I LTE-M / NB-IoT Cellular Module (Datasheet here)
  • Calypso 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi module (Flyer here)
  • Setebos-I 2.4 GHz Radio Module with Proprietary and Bluetooth LE 5.1 Radio Protocol (Datasheet here)
  • Ophelia-I 2.4 GHz Radio Module without firmware (Datasheet here)
  • Thetis-I 2.4 GHz Radio Module with Wirepas Mesh protocol (Datasheet here)

This list is not comprehensive, so if you want to evaluate another Würth Elektronik device for a commercial design, please specify this when filling out the form.

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