Würth Elektronik Sensor FeatherWing Development Board

Würth Elektronik’s Sensor FeatherWing is a rapid-prototyping platform designed to work with the Adafruit Feather line of development boards for your choice of host microcontroller. The inherent modularity of the ecosystem allows the FeatherWing to be easily integrated into any project. Würth Elektronik’s Sensor FeatherWing is particularly useful for developing IoT devices and serves as a combined evaluation board for the following sensors from Würth Elektronik – more details of each sensor can be found below:

-> WSEN-PADS – Absolute pressure sensor
-> WSEN-ITDS – 3-axis acceleration sensor
-> WSEN-TIDS – Temperature sensor
-> WSEN-HIDS – Humidity sensor

All four sensors are connected over the shared I2C interface for easy linking to any of the Feather microcontroller boards. Würth Elektronik provides Arduino drivers and code examples for the quickest start to evaluating their sensors using this platform. The Sensor FeatherWing also has a 4-pin JST QWIIC connector for interfacing with the Sparkfun QWIIC ecosystem of development boards.

Additionally, a 6-pin connector enables extension of the FeatherWing with many of the other evaluation boards from Würth Elektronik.

Each of Sensor FeatherWing’s sensors has a board footprint of 2 x 2 mm. The key performance features for each device are as follows:

WSEN-PADS – Absolute pressure sensor

The WSEN-PADS is a MEMS-based piezo-resistive absolute pressure sensor with an integrated ASIC and an embedded temperature sensor. A low current consumption of 4 µA makes this device a good fit for many applications, including weather stations, barometers, altimeters, and indoor navigation. This device features:

  • Absolute pressure range: 26 to 126 kPa
  • Output data rate: 1 to 200 Hz
  • Pressure data resolution: 24-bits
  • Programmable pressure threshold and data-ready interrupt

WSEN-ITDS – 3-axis acceleration sensor

The WSEN-ITDS is a 14-bit three-axis accelerometer capable of detecting events like free fall, tap recognition, wake up, stationary/motion, activity/inactivity, and 6D orientation. The sensor is suitable for applications such as vibration monitoring, tilt measurement, impact detection, and more. This device features:

  • Selectable full scale: ±2g, ±4g, ±8g, ±16g
  • Bandwidth: 400 Hz
  • Output data rate: Up to 1600 Hz
  • Noise density: 90 µg / √Hz
  • Operating modes: High-performance, Low-power, Normal
  • Current consumption: 16 µA (Low-power mode)

WSEN-TIDS – Temperature sensor

The WSEN-TIDS is a 16-bit silicon-based temperature sensor IC with an integrated ASIC and I2C interface. The compact form factor and fast thermal response make this sensor ideal for many applications, including environmental monitoring, HVAC, PCB thermal monitoring, and industrial control. This device features:

  • Temperature range: -40 to 125 ◦C
  • Output data rate: 25 to 200 Hz
  • Current consumption: 1.75 µA
  • Programmable temperature threshold interrupt

WSEN-HIDS – Humidity sensor

The WSEN-HIDS is a low-power 16-bit humidity sensor with an integrated temperature sensor. This compact, pre-calibrated sensor is designed for a variety of applications including HVAC systems, white goods, building automation, and air conditioning. This device features:

  • Humidity range: 0 to 100 % RH
  • Humidity noise: 0.35 % RH RMS
  • Output data rate: 1 Hz, 7 Hz, and 12.5 Hz
  • Current consumption: 8.9 µA

More information on the Sensor FeatherWing can be found in this user manual.

If you only wish to test one of the sensors on this board, alternative evaluation methods are available, so please see our Würth Elektronik User-Defined Application Form for more sensors and wireless products from Würth Elektronik.

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