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Würth Elektronik’s easy-to-use FeatherWings for faster development of 24-V industrial IoT devices 

Returning to our coverage of EDS 2023, ipXchange chats with Dean from Würth Elektronik, who had some great FeatherWing development boards on display. Previously, we’ve covered the Sensor and Thyone-I (2.4 GHz) FeatherWings, but this time we’re focussing on the MagI³C Power and Calypso Wi-Fi FeatherWings. 

These boards offer a great way of evaluating or integrating Würth Elektronik’s DC-DC-conversion or connectivity solutions as a disruptive alternative to devices from big names such as Broadcom, Qualcomm, Murata, and STMicroelectronics. Better yet, the DC-DC converters on the MagI³C Power FeatherWing can be used as a direct replacement for L78x-series linear regulators, without the need for a heatsink, saving a lot of space in your design. 

After taking us through the development benefits of, particularly, the SAM- and ESP32-based Adafruit Feather boards, Dean gives us a brief overview of the [Sensor FeatherWing: ], which provides easy access to Würth’s absolute pressure, 3-axis acceleration, temperature, and humidity sensors. An industry-standard break-out connector on one side also allows designers to interface with Würth larger differential pressure sensor evaluation board; Würth has you covered on all bases for standard IoT builds. 

Getting onto the new stuff, the [MagI³C Power FeatherWing: ] allows developer to easily integrate 9- to 24-V systems with 3.3- or 5-V logic, great for industrial builds using standard MCUs. As previously teased, the heart of this board is Würth Elektronik’s highly efficient MagI³C FDSM module, which bucks these high input voltages down to 3.3 V or 5 V and comes in a standard L7805 footprint for drop-in replacement of legacy parts. While the FeatherWing is designed to demonstrate some specific devices, Würth also offers devices at up to 72-V input – ask about these if and when you apply to evaluate the technology through ipXchange. 

As the previously covered [Thyone-I FeatherWing: ] enables easy access to 2.4 GHz connectivity in IoT builds, the [Calypso Wi-Fi FeatherWing: ] allows you to instantly supplement your SAM-based Adafruit board with Wi-Fi and 2.4 GHz capabilities, with a shared antenna built into the Calypso module for compact system integration. <10 μA current draw in Sleep mode and <2mA current draw in Power save mode while maintaining an active network connection makes this module great for battery-operated designs, so follow any of the above links to learn more and apply to evaluate any of [Würth Elektronik’s FeatherWing boards: ]. 

There’s still a load more to come from EDS 2023, so until then, pin an ipXchange tab in your browser for daily news about technology you can apply to evaluate for commercial projects, and as always… 

Keep designing! 

Würth Elektronik MagI³C Power FeatherWing Development Board

Need a compact DC-DC conversion solution with reliable sourcing for an industrial project? 

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