Würth Elektronik Thyone-I 2.4 GHz Radio Module FeatherWing Development Board

Würth Elektronik’s Thyone-I is an 8 x 12 mm radio module with an on-board PCB antenna that makes it an ideal connectivity solution for compact IoT devices that require wireless communication using the globally available 2.4 GHz license-free band. It offers hardware-accelerated encryption of data transmission in point-to-point and mesh network configurations, and an ultra-low current consumption of <0.4 µA in sleep mode supports use of the Thyone-I in battery-operated end products such as control systems, remote controls, and sensor nodes.

Thyone-I has severable operation configurations to suit your end use case. These include a high-throughput mode with 2 Mbit/s data transmission over the air – effective end-to-end throughput around 400 kbit/s – and a long-range mode for up to 750 m communication with a data rate of 125 kbit/s; this option requires an external antenna, with Thyone-I offering smart antenna configuration. Transparent (for serial-to-radio), unicast, multicast, and broadcast data transmission modes are also available, and the device comes preloaded with Würth’s ProWare radio stack to ensure high flexibility of operation without compromising communication reliability.

In addition to these radio specifications, Thyone-I offers a fast UART interface, at up to 1 Mbit/s, and 6 local and remote GPIOs that can be configured to be controlled via the serial or radio interface. For those who are interested, the full operating specifications and notes for designing this device into your application can be found in this user manual.

The Thyone-I Wireless FeatherWing serves as an easy-to-use evaluation/development platform for this device, and it is fully compatible with Adafruit’s Feather development boards. Along with the Thyone-I 2.4 GHz radio module, this board contains an additional low-power secure element from Microchip Technologies that offers a one-time changeable I2C address, one permanent P-256 ECC private key, three secondary user-regenerated P-256 ECC private keys, and signer public key certificates, amongst other features.

The range of communications using this board is specified to up to 300 m, and the Thyone-I Wireless FeatherWing offers fast prototyping and development of secure IoT devices in conjunction with other boards, aided by the Arduino (C/C++) drivers and examples provided by Würth. More information on this board can be found in this user manual.

Use the form below to apply for a sample if you have a commercial application where you think Thyone-I will be a good fit. You can also use this form to apply for alternative ways to evaluate this technology. For more wireless and sensor solutions from Würth Elektronik, check out our user-defined board page.

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