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Never change your TV remote batteries again! e-peas’ latest PMICs for ambient energy harvesting 

In another interview from ipXchange at CES 2024, Guy chats with Pierre about the AEM13920 and the AEM00920, e-peas’ latest energy harvesting PMICs. 

The AEM13920 is a 2-input device for harvesting from independent photovoltaic (PV) and/or thermoelectric sources. The PMIC contains the storage element charge management circuitry, a high-efficiency buck converter to ensure correct delivery of this stored energy to your application, and a 5-V CCV charging circuit that can be used as a backup if the ambient energy sources are not quite enough to keep your device going – an example backup supply is USB charging. This is a great fit for asset tracking devices, electronic shelf labels, IoT sensors, and more. 

Also featuring a backup charging circuit, the AEM00920 has been specially optimised to serve remote controls and keyboards. This single-input boost converter PMIC aims to eliminate the need for a primary battery in standard remote controls, replacing it with a Li-ion capacitor charged via a PV cell. Such an innovation eliminates the rolling cost of batteries to the consumer, as well as waste in a world where batteries are constantly going unrecycled even if they can be. 

e-peas has partners for storage elements and PV cells so that you can build a complete solution using its PMICs. You can apply to evaluate e-peas’ latest innovations by following the link to the board page below, or by clicking the part numbers earlier in this article. 

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e-peas AEM00920 & AEM10920 Photovoltaic Energy Harvesting PMICs For RCU & KBD Applications

Sick of having to change the batteries in your remote controls? Let’s change that with some energy harvesting!

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