e-peas AEM13920 Dual-Input Energy Harvesting PMIC

e-peas’ AEM13920 PMIC provides designers with flexible energy harvesting options via two independent inputs suited for thermoelectric, photovoltaic, RF, and pulse energy sources – to name a few. Additionally, the AEM13920 features a 5-V direct storage charging circuit for backup power, a buck regulator with >90% efficiency for delivering power from the energy store (LiC, Li-ion, LiPo, Li-ceramic pouch, etc.) to your application (programmable from 0.6 V to 2.5 V), and the management circuitry for charging the energy store from the harvesting inputs. The minimum harvested energy required for storage delivery is 110 mV or 2 μW after cold start from 5 μW at 275 mV.

The AEM13920 is available in a 5 x 5-mm QFN40 package with system configuration via GPIO or I2C interfaces, making it an easy battery-eliminating addition to existing compact builds or new products such as wearables, electronic shelf labels, keyboards, remote control units, and IoT sensor nodes. Additional functionality includes thermal monitoring and an inbuilt power meter, which can be interfaced with a host MCU for additional optimisation of device power consumption.

The full specifications of the AEM13920 can be found in this official datasheet.

e-peas produces an evaluation board (79 x 46 mm) which can be used to fully test the performance of the AEM13920 via GPIO-based configuration, though an I2C bus is available on the board to access these additional configuration options. Users will need to connect their own energy harvesting sources and storage element, but the 5-V charging input is provided via a USB-C connector and screw terminal.

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