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No external TSV diodes required: Up to 28-V input protection for your USB-C-powered devices

Halo Microelectronics is the latest company to get a look-in from ipXchange. We spotted an announcement of their new 3A I2C-controlled battery charger, and it got us digging through their products, where we found a USB Type-C protection IC that is a perfect match for the mobile-device and IoT design engineers of our community.

USB-C is the new standard – even Apple have had to bow to that now! – but no-one wants their devices breaking or getting damaged due to unwanted voltage spikes at the charging input, especially with an inevitable influx of third-party chargers to the marketplace.

Enter Halo Microelectronics’ HL5097 USB Type-C CC/SBU Protection Switch IC, which provides the necessary safeguarding for up to 28-V input signals to your USB-C-connected design. Inbuilt IEC 61000-4-2 system-level ESD protection for the input signal pins means you can ditch the high-voltage Transient-Voltage-Suppression (TVS) diodes common in other protection circuitry, allowing you to both shrink and simplify your design.

The HL5097’s N-MOS switch features a low Rds(on) of 160 mΩ and the ability to deliver currents of up to 1.25 A. It also boasts a 30-ns response time for fast protection against overvoltage events, meaning that your device won’t be fried, even by voltage spikes of up to 40 kW!

Halo Microelectronics’ provides solutions for both the Configuration Channel (CC) and Sideband Use (SBU) connector pins of the new standard that is USB-C, so check out the full technical writeup on our board page, and apply to evaluate this technology for use in your commercial projects today.

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Halo Microelectronics HL5097 USB Type-C CC/SBU Protection Switch IC

Keep your USB-C devices safe!

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