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Oxion on show: Ignion’s AI-enabled RF design tool

Antenna design integration for compact devices has never been easier!

At Embedded World 2024, ipXchange caught up with Ignion following the release of Oxion, a new AI-enabled configuration tool for selecting and integrating Ignion’s virtual antenna technology.

As Aitor explains, Oxion aims to change how engineers think about antenna integration by making Ignion’s technology even more accessible to designers who don’t have a background in RF engineering.

The Oxion online platform enables fast proof-of-concept designs tailored to the frequency requirements of your IoT project, and Aitor takes us through the key stages you encounter when you start a project in Oxion with a rectangular or circular PCB.

Best of all, after providing you with the simulated performance of your recommended antenna and the required matching network components, Oxion’s AI design explorer allows you to test adjustments to your design away from the ideal situation, with real-time performance feedback.

This is enabled by Ignion’s vast experience in RF design, and Oxion’s machine-learning model has been trained on all this data.

Learn more about Ignion’s virtual antenna technology by following the link to the board page below. Ignion supports communication frequencies from 450 MHz to 10.6 GHz, so apply to evaluate this technology today.

Keep designing!

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